Quick Fix Projects

Got a list of projects and repairs that need to be done?

If you don’t have time or your not exactly sure of the best way to fix something, we can come take care of that repair for you! There’s no job too small for us!

Have a list of projects you just can't get to?

Trying to find time to fix those projects? Are there little things nagging at you to be repaired, but you don’t know when you’ll get to them? Good news! We can help!

Need a Grab Bar put in your home?

Whether in your shower or somewhere else in your home, we’re committed to installing products that will help you safely get around in your home!

Other ways we can help include:

  • Minor Repairs
  • Hanging Pictures
  • Installing or repairing a handrail
  • Patching a wall
  • Adjusting a door
  • Installing an appliance

Need a project taken care of?