Powder Coating

Why Powder Coating?

Powder coating isn’t just to make something look pretty! While it can do that, it’s also a great protectant. Whether you have a cup, an engine accessory or something else, we can take care of your needs.

Insulated Cups

We can personalize stainless steel insulated cups! We can customize with your favorite color, name, company logo, sports team or any other fun design!

Protect or Accent Your Engine or Mechanical Parts

With 6500 colors to choose from you can have your engine accessories powdecoating to protect them even longer or to add some customization to your favorite vehicle. Color choices include chrome colors and crinkle, flat and gloss finishes.

Other information about Powder Coating:

  • Stripping and media blasting small items
  • Prep with dry steamer and phosphate solution
  • At least 6500 color choices
  • Multiple coat options
  • Personalized cups or anything else metal
  • The finish has a strong resistance to chipping and scratching

Need something Powder Coated?