How can we help?

Here’s a quick look at ways we may be able to serve you. We can diagnose and repair problems.  Replace old or damaged devices or update to a new color.  Add lights to brighten spaces – under cabinet lighting, recessed lights or pendants.  Upgrade your main electrical service to increase your capacity or replace an old or problem service or main electrical panel. We can even help you add an automatic standby generator to keep you running during an outage or storm.

Whole House Surge Protector

We all have sensitive and expensive electronics in our homes. Our appliances, TVs, Air Conditioners, Personal Computers, Garage door openers can all be affected by power surges from lightning strikes, our aging power grid and surges from within your home. Protect your home with a whole house surge protector.

Main Electrical System

Is your electrical panel box old, rusty or overloaded?  Do you still have a fuse panel?  Is your outside electrical service  – entrance cable or meter base weathered and in bad shape or meter base pulled away from you house?  We can repair or replace to give you a peace of mind.

New receptacles and switches

Do you have children or grand children? Protect them with tamper resistant receptacles.  Do you want to change your old device color?  Do you have outlets that are loose or have burn marks on them?  We can replace your devices for safety or for a change of style.


Is your kitchen or other areas of your home dark?  We can add under and over the cabinet LED lighting or new recessed lighting to brighten you kitchen.  Add a ceiling fan with a light or ceiling lights to brighten and cool other areas of your home.

Other ways we can help include:

  • Panel labeling
  • Adding circuits, outlets and lights
  • Upgrading main electrical panel and service
  • Adding or replacing a bath fan/light with new quiet and efficient DC motor and LED lighting
  • Stand by emergency generator or generator transfer switches
  • LED under cabinet lighting.
  • Electrical problems – outlets or lights not working, outlets burned.
  • Breakers tripping
  • Commercial Shop Lighting – converting to LED’s

Have an electrical project?